25 Aralık 2007 Salı

Managing the smart can be troublesome

Have you watched Pr. Barry Schwartz talk on the subject of Paradox of Choice

YouTube - TEDTalks: Barry Schwartz (2005)

The thing is I think the reasoning behind is very similar for the following arguement.
For management purposes, you need smart people, but how much? Considering
two otherwise equal candidates, you mostly pick up the smart one. Why? Because
he would successfully understand the unspoken rules of the profession and could at
least understand what he/she is supposed to be doing. But as the smartness/employer
curve increases she/he begins to question. At some cases, the subject can also effect
his/her co-workers. Chaos and the demand for better management might be the worst
nightmare of the managers. So smartness might be a merit, but should have some limits
for managability.

I think it is similar to Schwartz's arguement. As the number of available choices increase,
people become less happy after some treshold. So does managers' become as thier
employer's intelligence increase upon some other treshold.

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23 Ekim 2007 Salı

Feeding Chaos

What is the thing we feed up ourselves with, day after day?

It could be the sorrows of other people or even it can take the form of sorrow of ourselves. We make ourselves sorrow to feed. Why? Because it is plenty. Because it is abundant. Take happiness as an example. Could happiness be the fuel of our ongoing battle, our exceptionally ordinary daily lifes? Guess not. As one famous writer stated "Happiness lasts one day whereas sorrow lasts every." So we could not be able to survive if our all investment is to be on some rare substance, could we? But I find terribly irritating the thought of desperation is the ultimatum and most powerful ore we can harvest. Instead I think human community has discovered some resource that had been always there even an equal of age with "time" itself.

So do you read scenarios, do you follow books. Have you ever found yourself trapped in comtemplation for some obscure reason? The patterns in which you communicate with your world with your pals with your boss/teacher with your family which are carefully engineered, have you sensed awe or wonder what those were all about? All scenarios, all speech even all gestures and movement are a reaction to reality, an unsaturable need for change. Since there is always some "kind" of contradiction that has to be resolved. We call it life or either we call it struggle, struggle to give meaning or struggle to understand others. Why?

Simple question though. Many simple answers could follow: Survival, Pleasure, Willpower, Love, Truth, Insight, Sense could be some numberous reasons. But I figured out something today. Chaos is in the basic sense regarded as a plentiful, resourceful nourishment of our minds. Chaos is the thing that hits you sharply from your childhood from the times you were feeble. But as time goes on you became stronger and have the habit of getting used to it. Every other day, you observe every doctrine to change but one thing remains solid. This is your best protein: Chaos.

Just as some kind of bacteria transforms nitrate to nitrite, we transform the chaotic world perception around us to a neuro-psychogical model in our brains. Both are, the bacteria and the thinker, equally unconscious. They feed on some form, they produce some form and don't care the rest. And when the resource is plenty, it is even absurd to stop and ponder instead of to compete. Chaos is the valuable asset.

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19 Ekim 2007 Cuma

From Now And On and On

I have dwelled high on thoughts about what a blog should be and I have inspected many. From now on I would try harder to construct some source for grouping and linking similarities and enhancing explorative assays and most influently advocating the 3D-knot theory of mine. This advocacy may lead to total oblivion or shift of paradigms and happy feelings but also it may lead to a solid posture of understanding feeling and sensing of the world we dwell in. Thanx for all your support, patience and dedicatedness.

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